The FYM Forum LIVE

Free Your Mind offers an Exciting Venture into Edutainment.

Select Cities: Dallas, Texas – Kansas City, Mo. – St. Louis, MO. – Phoenix, AZ. – Atlanta, GA. –
Los Angeles, CA. – Washington D.C. – New York City & Jackson, Mississippi-with more to come…

The Free Your Mind Forum-Live is dynamic Diversity & Inclusion Forum and Networking Experience with an interactive “Talk Show” format. Our topics are Present-Day, Relevant & Culturally Enlightening. We tackle a variety of Diversity Themed Subject Areas each month. We combine the magic of Music, Entertainers, Multi-Media, Keynote Speakers, Diversity Professionals & Open Discussion to fulfill this Trailblazing Mission.

Regularly scheduled Events take place on Fridays from 5-9pm.

Our Events are always held at high profile venues and range in size from 100-1000.

Attendees will include: Passionate Citizens, Business Professionals, Community Leaders & Conscious Organizations committed to the mission of Inclusion, Equality, Unity, Synergy & Enlightenment. We will strive to open the lines of communication & narrow the gap between cultures in ways not otherwise probable. Join Us!