FYM Mission & Goals


The Free Your Mind Forum ~ Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate progressive race-based dialogue and community partnership; to challenge stereotypes, build cultural synergy and demonstrate inclusion.  Our destination is Social Healing.

Free Your Mind Forum will promote the exploration and understanding of Color, Culture, Unconscious Bias & Diversity and Inclusion.  We combine Arts & Entertainment, Assisted Networking, Education and Audience Participation that promote Open Dialogue, Mutual Respect, Collaboration & Cultural Competency.

The Free Your Mind Forum ~ Goals & Objectives

The cultural demographics of America are rapidly changing.

Recent reports show that more than 50% of today’s youth are non-white, meaning that historically-speaking, upcoming generations are interacting with a wider variety of cultures than ever before. Yet even though America is on the verge of a major cultural explosion, the subject of race & culture is still a taboo topic to discuss.

The Free Your Mind Forum’s short term goal is to create a safe platform and atmosphere to positively address these issues. One of our objectives is to shed the stigmas associated with the discussion of race, and adapt a progressive outlook in return.  We will embrace differences and identify similarities. The Free Your Mind Forum wants to teach individuals & communities to operate harmoniously and productively.

Considerable time, effort, and productivity is wasted through cultural misunderstandings & miscommunications. Cultural & Social matters will be frequently addressed at FYM so that we can work more cohesively.

People have always made the most progress when they are understood, unified and goal-oriented, this translates into communities as well.

The goal of this movement will bring diversity education, cultural learning and entertainment to individuals, campuses, community groups & corporations.

Our ongoing live events promote D&I activism that will shift the course of dialogue from one of anger and vitriol to that of dignity, understanding, and social healing.

We believe that diversity & inclusion, dialogue, and hope in fellow man can change the world.