About Us

The Free Your Mind Forum Inc. is a 501 © (3) Organization delivering community centered diversity and inclusion education, culturally infused entertainment and open forum networking events. Our objective is to promote race-based dialogue, understanding, collaboration and social healing.

“Free Your Mind” is more than a networking mixer or panel discussion. It is a National Initiative, Ongoing Educational Series, Cultural Collaboration & an Infusion of Inclusion – all constructed in an environment of entertainment, education, enlightenment and engagement.
At FYM events, attendees benefit from customized diversity curriculum designed by D & I Experts that help discover, discuss & dissolve the barriers, biases & beliefs that perpetuate the racial disharmonies that plague our societies.
Free Your Mind Events cater to “Everyday People.” People with a vision & who are passionate about diversity, inclusion and committed to justice for ALL, social change and equality. People who want to leave our country and communities better than the way we found it.

“We believe community dialogue is vital to effecting change. The FREE YOUR MIND Forum will provide a “virtual vehicle” on the journey to better understanding of ourselves and each other.”